Monteviot Beat Seasons

Salmon and Sea Trout: 1st February to 30th November
There are ten recognised salmon pools within the Beat and there are many other lies worth a cast. The main run of larger fish begins in September and is, of course, the most sought after period. However, the spring run fish, though smaller, are in fine condition and there can be some excellent fishing during these early months. In the summer fish are reasonably sized and a small rise in the water will give good value fishing.


Trout : 1st April to 30th September
Optimum trout fishing times are daytime early in the season, and early evening to dusk throughout the summer months. Our trout average half a pound in weight but two pounders are common and top weights reach four pounds.


Grayling : All year
The pursuit of these quality fish is becoming ever more popular and the Teviot has developed a good reputation for fish weighing two to three pounds. December to February finds these fish at their best.


We take pride in the quality of the river and of the fishing and we ask you to follow these simple rules -

  • no fishing is permitted on Sundays.
  • fly fishing is permitted only before 15th February and after 14th September.
  • don’t use prawns, shrimps, gaffs, worms or lures with multiple hooks. return all foul-hooked fish to the water.
  • using worms as bait is not permitted,
  • return all kelts, baggots and kippers to the water.
  • keep an accurate record of all salmon and sea trout caught - we’ll supply you with a catches form when you book and ask that you complete and return it to the Estate office.
  • if you catch a salmon that has been tagged, please send the tag to the River Tweed Commissioners, The North Court, Drygrange Steading, Melrose TD6 9DJ together with your name and address and the date and place of capture.
  • if you have been fishing outwith the United Kingdom and Ireland, you must treat all your equipment for gyrodactulus salaris using a method approved by the River Tweed Commissioners. We’ll give you a declaration form to sign and return to the Estate office before you start fishing.
  • priority is given to salmon anglers.
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